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CSS orderings

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It seems to me that the last thing the doc handler sees should be my css from style.css. Instead, it looks to me like the first thing it sees is my css, then the kendo UI default css is applied over top. This means before I write any css of my own, I have to go and figure what is the css for k-button, k-dropdownlist, etc. 

This is another one of those things which make me wonder who thought this was fit to go out the door. If I'm the pre-alpha tester for a product I'm supposed to pay for, I expect to get paid too.

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  • However, It seems like we can get what we want, sometimes. In style.css if I use

    [id$=Button] {


    this selects all elements whose id ends in Button and applies the various CSS settings to those elements. While not a best practice like having a class for buttons, it might prove to be a best available practice given the limitations of KUIB.