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It's only three fields

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The Data Grid Form form puts my fields in 2 columns. It's only 3 fields, I neither need nor want more than 1 column. Is there a way I can control this?

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  • To avoid returning extra/unused columns, you would need to adjust the physical schema of your temp-table that is being returned from the API endpoint. What you define in your dataset/temp-table _should_ be exactly what your UI expects, no more and no less. And yes, this could mean you have internal temp-tables defined for normal business logic, but could have duplicate/adjusted schema for exposure to the outside world in your business entity.

  • No, not coiumns on my table, physical (virtual?) columns on the form.

    This is using the Data Grid Form view.

    I get:

    field1-label field1-input  field2-label field2-input

    field3-label field3-input

    I want:

    field1-label field1-input

    field2-label field2-input

    field3-label field3-input

  • Sorry, I missed that point. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for that.