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Procedure Pluralities

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I've been reading the file. Entries like this puzzle me:

Specify activate procedures for sessions. The procedures must be valid
PROGRESS procedures on the application service PROPATH.

I was under the impression that an appserver could have only one Activate, Connect, Disconnect procedure. Can there be many? 

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  • Sessions in PAS are like Agents in Classic AS. Each user request will be handled by a session (thread) of the Multi-Session AppServer Agent (again for likeness purposes, this is like the Broker process). The rules still stand that you can have a SINGLE connect, SINGLE disconnect, SINGLE active, and SINGLE deactivate procedure to be executed on each of those events. The plural "procedures" in the README is likely a reference to those 4 types, not to multiple procedures for each. Or more simply, it's a typo ;)