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Deploy Web App From Kendo UI Builder


Deploy Web App From Kendo UI Builder

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I thought deployment would be pretty strait forward, but I am having problems.

When I deploy my app to a web server, I select Publish then I upload files from C:\ProjectsKendo\psLogPSDev\build-output\release\

I am having problems, and I don't see my custom controller.public.js for my grid in this location. Am I uploading from the wrong location? I was unable to find any documentation on the steps. Am I missing something or uploading from the wrong folder?

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  • Hi Curtis,

    You are uploading the proper files.  You would need to edit the data-providers.json on that directory and adjust the CatalogUris and ServiceUri properties to point to the correct server where you are deploying to (probably not locahost anymore).

    Also, it would be helpful to see the exact errors you are getting (if any after the adjustments above).  Please go into the Chrome Developer Tools (Debugger) and post any error messages you see in the Console section.

    The reason you are not seeing the controller.public.js is because the release is done as a webpack. The file you've mentioned would be inside the webpack (not visible).

    Warm Regards,

    Ricardo Perdigao

  • Also, if you are using KUIB 2.1, you may want to create a translations folder under your wwwroot directory and copy the KUIB translations.default.json file there (do this each time you do a build with the latest file) . The KUIB team is patching this but this work around worked for me for publishing.

  • Hi Curtis,
    As Ricardo pointed out, you are deploying files from correct folder.
    In the release version all files are minified and are obfuscated. In this release version all the files are compressed for browsers to easily extract them in runtime.
    Generally, debug version is used for testing and debugging the problems on local/staging servers.
    If you are experiencing any problems during runtime, please inspect (Chrome) ‘Dev Tools’ for any problems in runtime.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil Kumar
  • Thanks everyone. The problem I am having ; the app runs locally (even while connected to live data), but the deployed app on the server never loads anything ; it just times out. I am unable to open the Google Chrome inspect, and there is nothing in the appserver logs.

  • This looks a lot like the problem reported by pknopfgfa above.  It is a bug/issue on KUIB 2.1.0 ... Here is how I've worked around it:

    After you have done the KUIB Publish and before you copy the folder to your WebServer:

    - Navigate to build-output\release or build-output\debug folder

    - Edit the app.bundle.js file

    - Search for url:"/translations/"

    - Update that to reflect your correct path :  url:"<<AppName>>/translations/"

    Or, you can try what pknopfgfa  described above. It should also work!!!

  • I copied C:\ProjectsKendo\psLogAmpDev\app\src\translations/translations.default.json to the release folder (the same file was already there), and it still hung and loaded nothing.

    I am trying your method now Ricardo; what should be the value of <<AppName>>? The name of the root "ql1pktdv1/.../" ?

  • Sorry, you need to create a translations folder on the same level as the release folder and then put the  translations.default.json file in it.

    So wwwroot






    Yes, the release folder has a translations folder in it with the Jason file, but the build looks for it at one folder higher. Ricardo's way shoud work as well.

  • Hello Curtis,

    You should be able to just take the content of the build-output\debug or build-output\release folder and host it on a web server.

    Please let us know if placing the translations file at the root of the web server docs or editing the bundle.js file solves your issue.

    Perhaps, you could you try opening the Google Chrome Inspect on any web page, then loading the site?

    In this way you should be able to see the network activity and also the JavaScript Console.

    I hope this helps.

  • Thanks. I created the folder and it is working now. I couldn't get Ricardo's fix to work; it was still getting an error in vendor.bundle.js

  • Hi Curtis,

    The is most likely because of an the incorrect Tomcat webapp name on the path.  But since the other workaround worked, I believe you are all set.


    Ricardo Perdigao