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In converting our Character screens to Kendo UI, we have a lot of menus and submenus and are trying to figure out the best way to setup a menu system. 

The only way I see to break up menus is by using multiple Apps -- multiple Module icons - and finally multiple views that display on the left column. 

I also see a tab widget that would allow us to have multiple views with a single view. 

Are there any other options for menus and submenus? 

Is it possible to have a Module icon open a sub-Module (with more icons to select from)? 

Is there a way to use a pull down menu like you would see in a desktop app (i.e. File - New, Open, Save, Close, etc...) - that would be ideal. 

Any other ideas for menu flow?


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  • Hi,

    Using kendo component in your case depends on your UX and business requirements.
    If you want to replace the side navigation you can try overriding the entire side-navigation view. Ang to use any kendo component which presents hierarchical data:
    For example:

    import sideNavigationTemplate from './../common/side-navigation-extended/index.html';
    import sideNavigationController from './../common/side-navigation-extended/index.js';
    // Import your custom modules here:
    export default angular.module('app.extensions.module', [
    .run(['$state', '$rootScope', function($state, $rootScope) {
    var state = $state.get('module.default');
    if (state && state.views && state.views['side-navigation']) {
    state.views['side-navigation'].templateUrl = sideNavigationTemplate;
    state.views['side-navigation'].controller = sideNavigationController;

    Please note that I got sideNavigationTemplate and sideNavigationController from common/side-navigation-extended folder but you can put the view in a different place.
    I hope this helps.