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How to overwrite the Combo box setvalue function


How to overwrite the Combo box setvalue function

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In this case for combo box I have multiple optionId, Option description ... First item has Option ID:"", option description:"select"...Initial loading it is working fine. later the option description for the null Id is undefined ... I enabled the value primitive also... 

Reference :vm.setValue = function(newModel, oldModel)

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  • Any one can help on this?.how can i watch the change value of combo box from controller.pubilc.js?

  • Hello,

    Could you provide more information on the issue that you are trying to solve?

    Perhaps sample code could help to show the issue.

    Are you seeing this issue with a view created using the blank template?

    Can you reproduce the issue using the Dojo?

    I hope this helps.

  • replicating the issue in Dojo is a long process... i am getting this error KUIB2 grid view.. i have overwrite the below function vm.setValue = function(newModel, oldModel) {

                           if (vm.options.dataValueField  && typeof newModel !== 'object') {                                

                            var value = vm.options.valuePrimitive ? newModel : newModel(vm.options.dataValueField);


                                 if(typeof newModel == 'object'){                

                            var value = vm.options.valuePrimitive ? "Select" : newModel(vm.options.dataValueField);




    this is solution for the issue. but this code in combo box index.js which auto generated... 

    DataValueField DataTextFeild
    1 apple
    2 orange

    Kendo doest not read the text value of null ID.. hope this will help... 

  • Hello,

    Thank you for the additional information.

    I have tried to reproduce the issue and I have seen some elements of what you described. However, I have not been able to reproduce the issue as such.

    I am able to see the description for the item with a blank data value.

    Since you pointed out to the vm.setValue() code, I looked into ways to override setValue(): change the value based on certain events or use a  template() function. (There is also the option of custom component new in KUIB 2.0.1.)

    The only issue that I was able to see was that without the code that you listed, the ComboBox would show "[object Object]" when it is first displayed on the screen.

    This particular issue could be solved by using a valueMapper function.


           this.$components.combobox0.options.virtual = {

               valueMapper: function (options) {

                   if (options.value && !options.value.State) {


                   } else {





    I hope this helps,


  • Thank you so much .. the value mapper is used for initial time only ... apologies to eating your time . here please imagine the below scenario ..

    1. I have grid of 5x5.- column 4 is a payment option "combo box"

    2. after clicking the edit button it opens the pop up with editable combo box - default value is "Select".

    3. I am selecting "new payment ". then cancel changes.

    4. Now if i am coming to grid -> new  row -> edit , the new combo box has the value "New Payment " instead of "Select"....

    because the below code throws value = "undefined". so its take the previous value. "New Payment "

    My table 

    Data Value Field : ID  Data Text Field : payment mode
    1 New Payment
    old payment
    3 settled payment

    So Particularly i want override the Setvalue method in index.js as said before...

    Thanks again