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Update text of custom html


Update text of custom html

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The following code changes the caption of a button and the contents of a html element.

this.scope.buttonStart.options.content = "MyText";
this.scope.customhtml0.options.html = "MyText";

The code is working for the button but the html element doesn't update its text.

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  • Hello,

    I tested this and both the button and the HTML element were updated.

    Here is a link to my test app:


    Do you get any errors in the JavaScript Console?

    I hope this helps.

  • The code to change the text of the custom html component is in the 'Change Event function' of a date picker.

    As said earlier, the text isn't updated, but alert(this.scope.customhtml0.options.html) shows the updated text in a popup.

    It seems that the custom html component needs a refresh/repaint command.