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KUIB - DataSource Authentication

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Whilst building a demo app using KUIB, I have two DataSource's defined.

1. Customer DS - using Form authentication

2. OrdersDS - using Form authentication.

All web forms are developed under the same module. 

When I first preview my app, it correctly prompts me with the Login Credentials and subsequently loads a Customer filled Grid etc. However, when I then go to launch the Orders Form, it prompts me for Login Credentials again.......

In standard AngularJS development, I do not see this behaviour as once I'm logged into the JSDO session all Catalogs etc are authenticated from my initial login. 

Is there a way around this? Essentially, does not look good if demonstrating the app and I have to keep logging in!!

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  • Hi Spandau66,

    Unfortunately, with the current version of KUIB, all catalogs are not authenticated/loaded by default if they are using different authentication models and login screen will be prompted for every new data source in individual views.

    In the future versions of KUIB, we are planning to load all catalogs during the initial login.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Anil Kumar.