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Hello All.

i would like to manage authentication system in kendo ui builder, (kuib1.1) which allows to have user's for different models, something like access level. one user can open one model but should not have to be able to acces another. i have read this post, tryed it, but when i'm using for example basic or Form security it sets one password for all models. tryed to turn of authenticaiton for one model and turn it on for another to have one without password and another with password, again both of the models requirs password and password should be same. provide me with any usefull link please. or any advice..............

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  • Hi Giorgi,

    How did you configure your data provider(s) and your client app? One the back end, do you have more than one service deployed at the same data provider? For the client, do you have 2 data sources in your app, each using the same data provider, with a different module for each source?

    Can you post a screen capture of the Designer showing the main screen of your app at design time -- the screen that shows the modules and the list of data providers?



  • i have this code in my Clients.cls Clients class is a class which takes information from server database and generate it as service to use it in builder later..

    after that i have modified jvm properties from oepas

    then i'm choosing basic or form, and modifying them as well.

    for now Clients class gives error saying all executable statements must be in method., that's understandable code need to be in method. as lon as i'm not ABL coder have no idea how to use that method, even if i put required code in method. did i put authenticaiton steps in right class? im puting form or basic and again have one user. i need at list 2 users. client and admin. 

  • Quick reply:

    The simplest way to fix error (12983) is to save the DB configuration code from the kbase as a .p file, instead of .cls.

    Were you able to configure authentication with BASIC and/or FORM?

  • i will try