WebSpeed users, rejoice!  Beginning in OpenEdge Release 11.6, Pacific Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge is available as a host for WebSpeed applications. WebSpeed on PAS for OpenEdge is, in many ways, a new and improved platform for WebSpeed application development and deployment.  But fear not -- classic WebSpeed is still supported and available, so you can perform a controlled migration of your existing WebSpeed applications to PAS for OpenEdge in 11.6 while using the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge to develop new WebSpeed applications that run on PAS for OpenEdge.

Why should you migrate WebSpeed to PAS for OpenEdge?  Lots of reasons!

  • Performance is significantly improved when WebSpeed applications are migrated to PAS for OpenEdge.
  • Server resources are better utilized.  When you deploy WebSpeed on PASOE, both the Web server and the WebSpeed Transaction server are combined in a single instance.
  • You can achieve greater scalability. PASOE manages the availability of WebSpeed agents more efficiently, allowing more requests to be handled by each agent.
  • WebSpeed can do even more!  WebSpeed on PASOE supports all media types for uploading and downloading, allowing users to stream binary files, .PDFs, etc.  It also supports all standard HTTP verbs and also supports event procedures.
  • It's more secure. WebSpeed on PASOE eliminates potential security issues that exist with CGI-compatible Web servers required for classic WebSpeed deployments.
  • It's also easier to manage. PASOE shares a single security context among the WEB transport to support WebSpeed and any other transports you might utilize (REST, SOAP, and APSV).  Also, you can configure multiple WebSpeed servers within a single instance of PASOE, rather than multiple WebSpeed Brokers/servers/web servers. And of course, you can configure and manage WebSpeed on PASOE from OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer.
  • Deployment is simplified for WebSpeed on PASOE - you can combine static, dynamic, and executable files into a single deployment package.
  • and there's more!

 You'll find all the details in the online documentation -- here are a couple of links to get things rolling:

Progress Application Server for OpenEdge datasheet

"WebSpeed support in Pacific Application Server for OpenEdge" in the OpenEdge 11.6 Getting Started: New and Revised Features guide

"Migrating AppServer and WebSpeed Applications: WebSpeed" in the OpenEdge 11.6 PAS for OpenEdge: Application Migration and Development Guide