OpenEdge SQL supports OS authentication

OpenEdge SQL now supports password authentication of users based on a user-id defined to the operating system's user identification system. This capability is called OS authentication. To use this capability, there must be an OpenEdge authentication domain defined in the database schema. Currently, a domain is defined in the ABL Data Administration tools. Use the methods described in the Basic Database Tools guide in the online documentation to define the domain. To use the domain when connecting to SQL, connect with the UserID set to "username@mydomain"  where "mydomain" is the new domain you have defined in Basic Database Tools.


Authorized data truncation

By default, OpenEdge data is variable-length and the ABL does not restrict data length, allowing values to exceed the defined display size if the application allows this behavior.  As a result, ABL applications can at times produce data that exceeds the size defined by the corresponding SQL data type definition in the database.  This can cause errors when accessing the data via OpenEdge SQL.  Beginning with Service Pack 11.5.1, OpenEdge SQL now allows database administrators to authorize truncation of data, so that the selected data fits the defined column size and the part of the value larger than the defined size of the column is truncated.  Please refer to the Whitepaper "Authorized Data Truncation" available on this webpage.