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Call Any Web Service from the 4GL

Call Any Web Service from the 4GL

OpenEdge 10 supports the ability to easily invoke a Web service. Join Principal SW Engineer, Michael Resnick, as he presents the basic concepts of a web service.

Learn about the tools and the Progress 4GL constructs that you will use to invoke a Web service method. Find out the basic steps required to call a Web service from the Progress 4GL. Learn how the WSDL Analyzer makes it simple to invoke a Web services application and how the 4GL hides the complexity of dealing with SOAP messages. In addition, you'll learn how complex data is handled in the 4GL.

Duration: 1hr

Date: July 2005

NOTE: As of March 2009, Google no longer supports the SOAP interface used in the example shown in this presentation.


  • Again, neither of these examples are current. Neither Google nor PSC have these services running.

  • I agree.  It is very frustrating to try to learn about this stuff when the sample services no longer exist.