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Profiler Control tool

The Profiler Control tool can be used to perform profiler analysis of a Progress based application. The Profiler Control tool is designed to simplify the profiling and analysis of the performance data that the Progress run-time executable generates. This tool is a complete rewrite of the performance profiling tool that ships with some version of Progress. This tool includes a GUI for simplifying the launching and stopping of procedures. It has the ability to detect whether Progress Dynamics is running and allow the launching of dynamic containers as well as static smart objects and other procedures. It includes all of the same information, but removes much of the complexity of the previous tool by removing the requirement for a database and the timing consuming loading of profile data. In addition to previous execution statics, more information has been added. This tool also includes added functionality that gives the user the ability to perform side-by-side compares and exporting of data to external programs. Refer to the included Profiler_Readme.doc for a complete description.

  • There's an error in the procedure "changeSource" of file "profilecodev.w" in the offered zip file.As of November 11th 2006, the code is:  DO WITH FRAME {&FRAME-NAME}:    IF cFile  ? THEN      IF cFile  cLastFile THEN DO:          edlist:READ-FILE(cFile).          cLastFile = cFileName.      END.    ELSE      ASSIGN         edlist:SCREEN-VALUE = ""        cLastFile = cFileName.  END.But written that way, the ELSE is not assigned to the good "IF" and it causes a bug.The code should be:  DO WITH FRAME {&FRAME-NAME}:    IF cFile  ? THEN DO:      IF cFile  cLastFile THEN DO:          edlist:READ-FILE(cFile).          cLastFile = cFileName.      END.    END.    ELSE      ASSIGN         edlist:SCREEN-VALUE = ""        cLastFile = cFileName.  END.p.s. we should be allowed to post spaces in comments