Progress provides product documentation in both PDF and HTML formats. Use the following guidelines when selecting which format to use:

If you want to...


Search the documentation*

Use the PSDN Search function. Or, download the PDF or WebWorks HTML documentation ZIP files to search the documentation locally.

Print the documentation

Use PDF documentation.

Download the documentation

Download either the PDF files or the WebWorks HTML files using the ZIP files provided.

Using PDF Documentation

To view the PDF files, you should download the latest "Full Acrobat" Reader for your platform. Once you have downloaded and installed the Adobe Reader, you can view any PDF file by clicking the link to that book.

*To search the PDFs using the Acrobat Reader's Search button, you must first copy the ZIP file to your machine. Then, extract all files using the "Use folder names" option. Once the OpenEdge documentation files are unzipped, you can use the Search button on the Adobe Reader toolbar to search across the entire OpenEdge documentation set.

You can also print the PDF files by clicking the Print button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar.

Note: When you download a PDF file, the links between books will not work unless you download all of the PDF files to your machine in the directory structure that is defined on the .zip file.

Using WebWorks HTML Documentation

The WebWorks HTML documentation is available for viewing over the internet or you can download the HTML files to your local machine. If you want to download the HTML files to your local machine, download the ZIP file for the desired product documentation set. Then, extract all files using the "Use folder names" option. Once the documentation files are unzipped, start the WebWorks HTML system by selecting the index.html file located in the top-level directory. You may want to create a shortcut to this file for ease of use.

System requirements for viewing

  • Internet Explorer v6.0 or higher is recommended because Search hits are highlighted in IE. You can view the system in Netscape (v4.7, v6.1, and higher), but search hits will not be highlighted.
  • The first time you use the Search functionality (using the Search tab), it may take a while to load, especially if you are searching "Across All Books". Subsequent searches are faster than the initial one. If searching is too slow, we suggest you download the HTML zip file and run the system locally.
  • By default, the Java Applet version of this system will be displayed. If, however, your browser's security settings are setup to disable Java Applets, it should automatically redirect you to the Java Script version of this system. Note that if possible, we suggest you use the Java Applet version of the system as this version provides functionality not provided in the Java Script version of the system.

Searching within a Single Book

There is a known issue with the Java Applet version of the WebWorks help system with regards to searching within a single book. In the Java Applet version of WebWorks Help, if you change the search scope from "All Available Books" to an individual book you will receive a "No Results" message. If you must search within a single book, use the Java script version of the WebWorks help system. We are working with the vendor to resolve this issue.