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Upgrade from V8 and V9 to OpenEdge 10

Upgrade from V8 and V9 to OpenEdge 10

This whitepaper was created to help customers upgrading from Progress Version 8 and Version 9 to the latest OpenEdge releases. People tend to use the term upgrade, migrate and transform loosly and although these are not the same, upgrade is the first step to migrate and/or transform.

Although Progress puts lot of effort into minimizing difficulties with upgrades, the complexity of the process depends on features and techniques used in existing applications. The upgrade can consist of simply recompiling existing code and converting a database, or it can require several steps to successfully upgrade the application to the latest releases. The upgrade will be more complicated if, for instance, OpenEdge is not available for a certain platform or if the application code uses constructs or techniques changed in later Progress/OpenEdge releases.

This document describes upgrades to OpenEdge 10.1B and higher and is split into several parts describing different topics. Some of these are common for all upgrades, while others are very specific and will not apply to all customers. This document provides step-by-step instructions for the upgrade process also covering issues known to Progress Professional Services and Technical Support at the time of writing. The June 2008 update is the latest update to this document adding in new upgrade issues reported by customers, partners, and professional services teams.

Topics include: the database, ABL language, client deployment, Dynamics, ADM1 & ADM2, Application Server, Data Servers and Open Clients.

Upgrade from V8 and V9 to OpenEdge 10 - Jun08.pdf

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