Several books in the OpenEdge documentation set contain example procedures that illustrate syntax and concepts. Some of these examples are available online, in the attached ZIP file. Note that these are the same examples that are installed by the OpenEdge Documentation and Samples CD. If you have access to this CD, you can install the examples using the CD. If you do not have access to this CD, you can download the attached ZIP file and manually copy the files to openedge_install_dir\src\prodoc, which is typically c:\Progress\Openedge\src\prodoc.

The ZIP file contains the following directories and files:

This directory... Contains the 10.1A documentation examples for...
\prodoc\dynamicsThe Progress Dynamics documentation
\prodoc\getsartoopOpenEdge Getting Started: Object-oriented Programming
\prodoc\handbookOpenEdge Development: ABL Handbook
\prodoc\interfacesOpenEdge Development: Programming Interfaces
\prodoc\langrefOpenEdge Development: ABL Reference
\prodoc\prodatasetsOpenEdge Development: ProDataSets

OpenEdge Development: Translation Manager

\prodoc\visualdesignerOpenEdge Getting Started: Introducing the OpenEdge Architect Visual Designer
\prodoc\xmlOpenEdge Development: Working with XML

OpenEdge 10.2A Documentation Example