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OpenEdge Product Tour and Progress Software Evaluation Kits

OpenEdge Product Tour and Progress Software Evaluation Kits

Thank you for your interest in OpenEdge. OpenEdge is an integrated platform for the rapid development, deployment and management of business applications that are standards-based and service-oriented. OpenEdge provides a unified environment comprising development tools, application servers, application management tools, a relational database, and the capability to easily connect and integrate with other applications and data sources.


The OpenEdge Tour is a highly interactive multimedia program that introduces you to the core components of the OpenEdge platform to develop, deploy, integrate, and manage mission critical business applications. A variety of topics are immediately available for you to view to help you better understand the wide array of features OpenEdge provides and the benefits you can achieve through the use of OpenEdge.


The OpenEdge Evaluation Kit includes a 60-day trial of the following products: OpenEdge Architect, OpenEdge RDBMS, OpenEdge Replication, OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Application Server Enterprise Edition, and Sonic Workbench on Windows and Linux (customers interested in evaluating OpenEdge on UNIX should contact Customer Service). With these free, fully-functional, evaluation copies you are now armed to test the power of the OpenEdge platform and the ease of utilizing service-based components with Sonic.

In addition, there is also a no-charge self paced Tutorial available for OpenEdge Architect. The tutorial comes with a sample application which you can install and use in conjunction with the various labs supplied in the tutorial. The tutorial and sample application can be used for an unlimited period of time.

Once you complete a simple registration, see for yourself how easy it is to build, manage, and integrate business applications with Progress technologies. You will immediately receive an email follow-up providing you with a login / password to our Download Center along with the appropriate license codes for installing the evaluation software you have selected.

  • A customer is trying to download an evaluation of OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET, using this to "Try It".However, it does not appear to be part of the OE Evaluation Kit.  Can an evaluation license be accessed on-line (or do we need to process an order)?Thanks,Scott