Below is a series of recorded educational videos covering a variety of key OpenEdge functional components.


Each video is brief typically seven to ten minutes and covers a focused topic, allowing you to learn enough to try out what you have seen with your own application code. The videos do not constitute a tutorial as such, so you can view them in any order that is appropriate for you, depending on what you already know about using these components. That said, some of the videos work as a series to explore a larger topic, and some make use of application components built and explained in earlier videos.

In addition, many of the videos also have an accompanying document that provides a written version of the material, allowing you to examine the steps shown in the video and any code samples in more detail.

There is no larger exercise or sample code base that you must download and work with. Once you have seen what a video covers, you can take that knowledge back to apply it to your own application.

The videos are complementary to other materials you can access through the Evaluation Center link on the same OpenEdge product page, including the OpenEdge Tour. The OpenEdge Tour is a series of high-level video presentations introducing the major feature areas of OpenEdge 11

OpenEdge Video TitleBrief Description

Building Business Process Applications using OpenEdge BPM

This series of videos and accompanying papers covers many topics in using the Progress Savvion product for building, deploying, and executing business process models using this powerful Business Process Management (BPM) software.

Using Multi-tenancy in OpenEdge 11.0

This series of videos and accompanying papers introduces the support for multi-tenant tables in OpenEdge 11. It also guides you through the use of the new Database Administration Console, which you use to manage multi-tenant databases, and which is now a part of both OpenEdge Explorer and OpenEdge Management.

Getting Started with OE Architect

This series of short video demonstrations introduces you to OpenEdge Architect so that you can use this new development environment to edit and test your OpenEdge applications.

Using OE Architect

This series of short video presentations covers a variety of topics in OpenEdge Architect.

Using Visual Designer and GUI for .NET in OpenEdge Architect

This series of short video presentations covers a variety of topics related to using the Visual Designer tool in OpenEdge Architect and the support for OpenEdge GUI for .NET in OpenEdge Release 10.2.

Introduction to ABL Classes

This series of short video presentations introduces the support for classes and object-oriented programming in OpenEdge 10, and is intended for ABL developers who have not worked in an object-oriented environment before.

Foundations of Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

This series of short video presentations walks you through the steps involved in laying the foundation within OpenEdge to allow you to develop a modern user interface using one or more 3rd-part technologies that support what we call RIA, for Rich Internet Applications.

Using Silverlight with RIA Services

This series of videos explains the steps in building a connection between an OpenEdge ABL application running in the OpenEdge AppServer, and a user interface developed using Microsoft's Silverlight technology.