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OpenEdge 11 Product Availability Guides 2013-2014 - Archived

  • Hi!I can't see POWER Linux support for OpenEdge. Does that mean that it's not supported now? Will it be supported in future? In terms of price IBM POWER servers under Linux are quite attractive. For OpenEdge 10 Linux RHEL 4 on POWER PC is supported but it's not the most current platform for IBM.Where can I find this information? Or there might be someone who is definately aware about this configuration?Thx!

  • We dropped support for the PowerPC platform in OpenEdge 11.1. This decision was made based on (a) the very low rate of adoption by customers, (b) the trend we observed of adoption dropping significantly with each new release, and (c) the expense of maintaining the support.If you have a business case for asking us to bring back the platform, please contact your Progress account representative to initiate a detailed discussion. We will be happy to talk with you about it.Thank you!Rob Holzel