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Updated: Roundtable TSMS OpenEdge Compatibility Matrix

Updated to include the Roundtable 11.8 release done in June 2018. Note: OpenEdge does not offer an...
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Update: OpenEdge Adapters for Aurea Sonic - Platform Support and Compatibility Document (April 2018)

Details the compatibility between Progress® / OpenEdge™ and Aurea Sonic product releases, documenting...
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Quick Start: Moving Your Classic AppServer Applications to the Progress Application Server for OpenEdge

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Database Statistics Tool V3_03

This tool helps the DBA detect when the size limit for a storage area is approaching a physical (addressing...
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OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation (.html format) (Updated)

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OpenEdge 11.7 Samples

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OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation Samples

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OpenEdge 11.7 Documentation (.pdf format)

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Updated OpenEdge 10 Platform and Product Availability Guide (30 January 2017)

This is the updated OpenEdge 10 Platform and Product Availability Guide (PAG).
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Progress OpenEdge Life Cycle Policy Guide - July 2016 Update

Progress Software’s OpenEdge Product Life Cycle Policy consists of a series of milestones and activities...
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PUG Challenge America: Code Samples for Session 482-OpenEdge and Telerik Analytics

At the 2016 PUG Challenge Exchange America Conference in Manchester, US (June 2016), a session was presented...
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TCMAN Quick Reference Card

Tired of that post-it note on your desk with your favorite TCMAN commands, print a copy of this TCMAN...
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Looking for OEDK: Classroom Edition?

If you are looking for the OpenEdge Developers Kit: Classroom Edition then you need to visit the specific...
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Feature descriptions for OpenEdge 11.6 ESAP1

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OpenAccess for OpenEdge (webinar)

As a software development kit (SDK), Progress DataDirect OpenAccess allows ODBC, JDBC and ADO.Net access...
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