Use the Container Image 

  1.  Clone or download the master branch of the pasoe-basic Github project.
  2. Change to the sample application folder:
    • cd pasoe-basic/

  3. Update the value for serviceURI in webui/grid.js to point to your Docker host.
  4. Create a copy of the sports2000 database and start the database server (broker):
    • prodb sports sports2000
    • proserve sports -S 20000
  5. Copy your valid progress.cfg file into the conf directory and rename it to progress.cfg.pasoe`. This will overwrite the placeholder progress.cfg.pasoe file in that directory.
  6. Update the DBSERVER environment variable in the docker-compose.yaml file to point to the machine running the database server.
  7. Build the custom container image for the sample application:
    • docker-compose build
  8. Start the services:
    • docker-compose up -d
  9. Check that the PAS for OpenEdge instance starts:
    • tail -f logs/catalina.out
  10. Access the PAS for OpenEdge instance via a web browser:
    • Note: By default, the PAS for OpenEdge instance will use HTTPS with a test certificate. You will need to accept access with this certificate.
  11. Access the web ui service via a web browser:
    • http://<docker-host-machine>:8080