This document describes how to size your Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge machine for use in production. Sizing your machine means establishing performance benchmarks and running performance tests against those benchmarks. This document is intended for OpenEdge administrators who want to ensure they are getting the best performance from their PAS for OpenEdge application. However, if the OpenEdge administrator finds memory leaks or performance issues in the ABL code, they will need help from OpenEdge developers in fixing those errors.

To gauge the most efficient sizing of your machine, run performance tests to see how many resources your application is using. We recommend starting the performance test with a low number of clients to find a baseline for your application. When you scale your application, you can see how many clients your machine can handle for your application and tune the performance as necessary. At Progress, we ran a PAS for OpenEdge Load Test on several machines running a sample application. This document describes our test benchmarks and results, and also provides the framework to effectively size your machine for your application.