At the 2016 PUG Challenge Exchange America Conference in Manchester, US (June 2016), a session was presented on:

482: OpenEdge and Telerik Analytics
by Bill Wood, Progress Software

The associated zip file contains an eclipse project (AnalyticsSample) with code presented in the session, as well as a word document (Telerik Analytics and OpenEdge .NET SDK v 10.docx) that explains the usage of the examples and FAQs.

PUG Session Description:

Have you ever wanted to know what your users are really doing with your software? Have you wondered if you are spending time on the 'right features'? Have you ever wondered if your users can find and use the new parts of your product that your team has worked so hard on? Telerik Analytics is an offering within the Telerik Platform that helps you answer these questions and provide feedback from your end users to your developers and product managers. This talk will explore the basics of Telerik Analytics, and show how you can use it to instrument OpenEdge Windows clients in ABL, as well as on the Web in your own HTML/JavaScript applications. Examples and ABL Code samples will be provided. We will also look at how the OpenEdge team uses Telerik Analytics as part of the Progress Customer Experience Improvement program.

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