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Enhancement/feature requests forum with voting system


Enhancement/feature requests forum with voting system

  • Hi,

    It would be interesting to add an enhancement/feature requests forum to the community site.

    This could be a place where people could add ideas and others could vote on them.

    Currently there is an 'openedge-enhancements@progress.com' email address which is basically a black hole where nothing ever returns from...

    For some time now on the PUG Challenges people can propose features/enhancements, and we even get down to voting for them, but no feedback ever returns to the requesters.

    I think it's time for some more transparancy and communication (in both ways!).

    Allowing developers to ask for features, and returning feedback to them will lower frustration and increase productivity.

    This will also help PSC to know what developers really want.

    A good example of an implementation of such a forum would be the Windows Phone feature suggestions site (http://windowsphone.uservoice.com)

    There you get a time-limited number of votes which you can distribute over a number of suggestions (or add one yourself).

    I hope to get some feedback/reactions on this post ;-)

  • Hi,

    I think what you are looking for exists; If you go to "Technical user" you will see a link to "Ideas" on the right hand side

    Follow the link and you will see a list of products, including the Community, where you can post your ideas and enhancements.



  • Kinda bizarre that the quick link to ideas in the Technical user forum takes you to the Business user forum...

    Anyway, I'll have a look thanks!

  • en.wikipedia.org/.../KISS_principle

  • I've taken a look, and while it looks good to me at first sight, I still wonder why that subforum is hidden so well?

    How can anyone easily find that subforum? Why no big IDEAS button, next to the HOME, FORUM, etc buttons?

    As long as it isn't more easily accessible this will not reach its goal...

  • Having read this thread, I went looking for this "Ideas" forum,  knowing that it existed.  I couldn't find it.  So I agree with Lieven.

    And yes, I'm aware that a link to it was posted above.  

  • On MS site is good but there are a lot of stand alone web site plug-ins. Recently I looked one for my company and it could be similar to this one userecho.com/why-userecho. It is transparent and came out of KISS.

  • But frankly saying I don't think it is possible with Progress :)

  • It is good to post this kind of request/suggestion on the Communities Forum.  Go to the home, on the right side there is About the Community, and from there you will see the link for the forum.  Or, go straight to


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  • I attended the Community session from  in the EMEA PUG Challenge and I believe he mentioned that this was on the roadmap indeed.