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Where now documentation of OpenEdge is located


Where now documentation of OpenEdge is located

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Previously, the documentation for the OpenEdge can be downloaded from this link http://communities.progress.com/pcom/docs/DOC-16074

and OpenEdge Product Lifecycle & Availability Guide was here http://communities.progress.com/pcom/docs/DOC-32338 

Now the links are redirected https://community.progress.com/?Redirected=true  - but there is no such materials.

Where I can download them now?

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  • This is the link to the OpenEdge 11.3 documentation. you can use the 'search' box to find the doc for appropriate version.


    The link to the Product Lifecycle doc and product availability guide is below.


  • Hi Valery,

    I understand that they're currently working on site navigation ("customer journey") around the communities site.

    I've bookmarked the following is the landing page for The Product Availability and Documentation


    Otherwise, this link takes you directly to the Documentation overiew page (all docs like you're used to migrated to the community):


    And this one for the PAGR's:




  • Thank you!

  • It's just not so obvious now than it was before. Thanks!

  • I had a very difficult time yesterday trying to find 10.2B documentation. I knew it was here on the community site but I still struggled.  Clicking "documentation" in the tag cloud gives many pages of results, the first ones being 10.1A.  Even entering "OpenEdge 10.2B Product Documentation" or filtering by author "Product Documentation" didn't help me.  

    Finding OE docs was a straightforward task on the old progress.com.  It looks like the documentation is not linked from the new www site at all, e.g. under OE Resources.

    My question, and it is sincere: what is the intended user experience for a person who is looking for OE documentation and is arriving at www.progress.com (or even community.progress.com) for the first time?

  • community.progress.com/.../1329.openedge-product-documentation-overview.aspx

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  • Hello Rob,

    Thanks for sharing your input and user experience when it comes to finding our product docs through our main web site and/or the Community. When it comes to our main web site, I'll make sure I'll share your feedback with the team in charge.

    Then when it comes to finding the documentation via the Community, I just tried the following: on community main landing page search box, I typed "OE10.2 documentation" and got the following:


    So I just clicked on the second offered choice and it took me directly to the doc. That being said, I understand some users may expect to see somewhere an option (icon, menu-bar or other way) to access to our product documentation and other possible resources such as web-based training.

    Since we launched our new  Community, in October 2013, we have received a good amount of feedback with regards to its architecture and UI. At this stage and with only 3 months of production data, we are still in a gathering mode but rest assured we are definitely taking into account all users feedback and input to review our current structure and UI in a near future (hopefully within the first 6 months of 2014).  

  • By the way, I also took the freedom to move this thread from OE RDBMS forum to the OE General one...

  • Currently my preferred way of getting to the docs is progress.com/support -> Support Resources.

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