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Update Progress 9.1D to 10.1C


Update Progress 9.1D to 10.1C

  • Hi

    My Company have one integrated system (From Sql Server) with OBDC connection (The OBDC driver is already updated to 10.1C).

    With the Progress 9.1D the Integer value was OK.



    Now with progress 10.1C the 30 Papers its 30 x 10 000 = 300000.

    Its something changed?

    Please, i need help


  • What do you mean by "papers"?

    If this is a problem with a specific query, you might want to post the actual query.

    There is certainly nothing systematic about the differences between the two which would cause multiplication by 10,000.

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  • Perhaps regional settings, but would suspect that this would only come into play with a decimal - eg "30.000" being exported as "30,000" in some odd cast. Compare your original and new '.pf' files.

  • Thanks!

    the Papers is my Product.

    On the installation of Product *Progress 10.1a, i have to choose the Comma Separator

    I ve installed with "1.234,56""

    If on Progress 9.1D the Comma Separator was 1,234.56 and now ist is 1.234,56 is that the Problem?

    many thanks in advance

  • Yes, that could cause the issue in question. You can change the NUMSEP and NUMDEC startup parameters for you session or use SESSION:NUMERIC-FORMAT to change it during runtime.

    Keep in mind that the data is stored without knowledge of the Decimal and Thousand separator information.