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Backup Dump on Linux

  • I have taken a full backup using the PROBKUP utility on LINUX.

    I need to restore the backup on Windows for which i followed the steps below.

    1. Run PROSTRCT create rtb –blocksize 8192

    2. PROCOPY %DLC%\empty8 rtb

    3. PROREST rtb rtb.bkup

    Result :

    PROGRESS Version 9.1E as of Tue Oct 12 20:29:29 EDT 2004

    Area Number mismatch, backup has 0, database has 6

    Restore failed. (1618)

    !!! ERROR - Database restore utility FAILED !!! (8564)

    I know that the Knowledge base says that doing this is not possible (Dumping on Linux & restoring on Windows) but i thought may be there is an unsupported way of doing it.

    Would sincerely appreciate



  • You could try mounting a Windows directory on Linux and using procopy to pump it across, but (as with all methods except dump & load) it is unsupported..

  • Why don't you just dump & load?

    Tom Bascom

  • Could you please elaborate on dump & load. I beleive i have done a dump using PROBKUP & Load using PROREST. Is there something i am misunderstanding.

  • Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the reply. But i am not clear on when you say just dump & load. If you could provide the steps that would help

  • Dump and load is quite different from a probkup. Probkup is one file for the whole database in a proprietary format. Dump is to one file per table in plain ASCII format, with a special trailer that helps to make for more intelligent loads. When changing platforms, it is generally the case that one does a dump and load.

    There is a binary dump and load as well and a variety of other ways to move data from A to B, but the old simple dump and load is just that, very simple, and a right thing to do when moving platforms. There are reasons to consider other approaches, like large databases and time constraints, but for one time moving of modest size, just do it.

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  • Because you are changing operating systems, you need to do a dump/load.

    Depending on the size of your database, you can do this either from the data admin tool (dump .df, table contents and sequence current values); build your new db and load everything back in; or you can dump the database table by table using the proutil dump/load routines (binary dump / load)

    There are many examples of each in the support knowledgebases