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UI changes after moving to OE 10.2b


UI changes after moving to OE 10.2b

  • Hi,

    I am moving an ADM2 application developed in v. 9.1e to OE 10.2b and have noticed most of the widgets are now rendered flat as opposed to the 3D effect they had before. I am fine with that look but I may like the fields to be laid out a little differently to create a little space between the upper and lower edges of the fields which currently abutt one another and create the appearance of a heavier line between fields. Is there a quick and easy way to make these kinds of changes and/or to set up the way the fields are placed by default in the AppBuilder? I would also like to know if or to what degree the visualization is dependent on the operating system. We will be moving to Windows 7 soon on the client machines and would like to know if there will be any changes to the appearance resulting from that.



  • Did you by any chance change you progress.ini file as well? I remember a setting like KEEP-THREE-D-FILLIN-BORDER  or something like that in the .ini file but I cannot find it in the docs anymore.

    If that is not it could you post a before and after screenshot?

  • Thanks Peter. The only 3D setting I found in the .ini was Use-3D-Size which is unchanged at "yes". I have attached a couple of screenshots. The quality isn't very good but I think you can see what I mean.


  • It certainly looks like the setting I meant. You could try adding it to your .ini file but I cannot find the syntax anymore. Hopefully someone else can jump in here.

  • I tried the setting as you suggested but no luck. Thanks anyway.


  • Inside DLC\bin rename prowin32.exe.manifest to something else.

  • Thanks Joseph.