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Using Word merging

  • Hello,

    Im new to progress and i have a question about merge a Word Template with an XLSX file.

    I already have the folowing code but now I want to know how I can make for each record from the XLSX file a new Word document.

    Also I want to know how I can save each Word document with a file name of a record that is stored in the XLSX file.

    Do I need a Temp-Table for this?

    Greatz Rick

    Define Variable chWordApplication   As Com-handle No-undo.
    Define Variable chWordTemplate      As Com-handle No-undo.
    Define Variable chMerge             As Com-handle No-undo.
    Define Variable chNewDoc            As Com-handle No-undo.

    Create "Word.Application" chWordApplication.

    chWordApplication:ScreenUpdating = True.
    chWordApplication:visible = False.
    chWordApplication:displayAlerts = False.

    /* Opent de template */
    chWordTemplate = chWordApplication:documents:Open("h:\code\bestanden\test.docx",,Yes,False).

    chMerge = chWordTemplate:MailMerge.

    /* Opent de data source */
    chMerge:SuppressBlankLines = False.

    /* Runt het samenvoegen */

    /* Maakt het nieuwe samengevoegde document */
    chNewDoc = chWordApplication:ActiveDocument.
    chWordApplication:visible = True.

    Release Object chWordTemplate.
    Release Object chMerge.
    Release Object chNewDoc.
    Release Object chWordApplication.

  • Can you just chunk the resulting Word document to multiple files? I assume that the content of the document is a repeating letter just addressed to different receipient each page.

  • Every 2 pages Ill have to chunk the pages, but how can i do that?

    How can I save each document with a file name from the XLSX?

  • I would assume that the letters are arranged in the same position in the Excel file.

  • Yes they are aranged in the same position of the excel file.

    In the excel file are 7000 records.

    After saving the letters I will add them to an application this section has been written.

  • It's been a while since I manipulated a Word document. You will need to select using the Range method and cut and paste it to a new Word Document.

    If you're going to this level, you might wanna try using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word and Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel instead of COM automation.

  • Can i use that in openedge 10.2B ?

  • Can i use that in openedge 10.2B ?

    Certainly. But officially you need to be on Service Pack 2.

  • im on SP2. I will search on google to find my solution or is here anyone with a solution?
  • Problem has been solved with a TempTable.