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  • I have a DB which support both 4GL and SQL Sever types. I would like to query the DB table using SQL broker. How can we do that ? Do we need to use any other editor apart from procedure editor. Do we have any documentation on how to connect to a SQL broker directly from architect ?

  • Usually I do it in this way:

    Open OpenEdge Developer Studio database connection window (Window -> Preferences -> Progerss OpneEdge -> database Connections ) and add new database description.

    First window is about 4GL connection and I skip it, Next window is about SQL connection.
    Choose "Define SQL connection" and "Add new SQL connection" and in next screen there is needed to choose Driver:

    I choose "Progress OpenEdge JDBC Driver".

    UserID  is obligatory

    Password is needed only then, if database need "named users". If there are named users, then SQL rights must be described by SQL administrator (usually the creator of database).
    If it is not done, then you possible cannot use or  manage  your database over SQL or at least some of functions for this is not working.


    Service name / Port number

    Database name

    and you can push "Test Connection" button.

    If "Connection suceeded", then Ok, if not, you can look in database.lg file on your host.

    If in this file is some lines about your connection, then good, if not, then possible there is firewall issue or ....

    If you manged to had SQL connect  then in "Window -> Show view -> DB Strucrure" you can see databases, what are used in particular project.

    To use more SQL, there is view in "Window -> Show view -> Other -> Progress DB Navigator -> Connections " - choose needed database
    and click to tiny icon SQL and you have SQL editor from OE Dev St against your database.