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Install 10.2B 32 BIT to WIN 7 64 BIT PROBLEM


Install 10.2B 32 BIT to WIN 7 64 BIT PROBLEM

  • Hallo,

    have a new notebook win WIN 7 64 BIT.

    Now i want to install OpenEdge 32 Bit to that machine. In the first view all things seems ok, but when i want to start a OpenEdge program (e. g. AppBuilder) i get an error message

    msgOpen: unable to open message file: PROMSGS

    When i try to install SrvPack 4 or 6 i get the message

    OpenEdge r10.2B installation corrupted:

    "DLC" registry key not found.

    Click OK to exit.

    The PSC registry entry is under Wow6432Node. Seems like ok. The service is also running.

    So what´s going wrong here? Please help!

    Thank you all,


  • We have several installs running 10.2B 32bit on Win7x64.

    Run setup again - the whole shebang.  Make sure when you launch setup.exe that you right click and select Run as Admin.

  • It doesn´t help. I deinstall version and run setup again as administrator. The same result.

  • Excuse me I am fench and my english is horrible.....but I have the answer for you problem !

    I have exactly the same problem.

    Check these keys (in regedit) :

    HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\psc\progress

    HKEY CURRENT USER\Software\psc\progress

    For me, i have 2 "directory" : 10.2A and 10.2A~

    Some key are in 10.2A~ and other in 10.2A.

    I write all the missing key in 10.2A and delete the 10.2A~

    And now, no problem for install service pack !!!

  • Sorry, but i couldn´t trry out your advise! I reinstall WIN 7 and now all off a sudden it works.

  • we faced the above error . due to your answer the error was solved . THANK YOU .