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Converting a character to a decimal???


Converting a character to a decimal???

  • I am extremely new to Progress and OpenEdge, so bear with me. I may not be describing things correctly either, sorry for that. I am using OpenEdge 11.1. I am writing a procedure to build a report from an OpenEdge database. There is a field called hours which is a character field. There is a field called dec-hours which is a decimal because they are breaking the hours down into decimals so that they can be calculated easier. I need to calculate the hours they went over or under and the percent of unused hours. I have an error referring to incompatible data types, I am guessing that it has to do with that? I have been looking online and cannot seem to find what I need.

    Is there something to convert a character field to a decimal? Or is there something I can try?

    ttKReport.cBudgHours = time-r.hours
    ttKReport.dActHours = time-r.dec-hours
    ttKReport.dOverUnderHours = time-r.hours - time-r.dec-hours
    ttKReport.dPercentUnused = ( (time-r.hours - time-r.dec-hours) / time-r.hours) * 100

    Thank you in advance!


  • Check the help page for DECIMAL() function
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