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Connect OracleDB + Schema Holder from Progress Developer Studio


Connect OracleDB + Schema Holder from Progress Developer Studio

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I cant connect the Ora DB with shema holder from the developer studio, with a .pf file i have no problem to do that.

-db D:\...\..\dbora\db11\ora1 -RO
-db D:\...\...\dbora\db11\ora2 -RO

-db oraA -dt ORACLE -Dsrv qt_cache_size,45000,qt_debug,EXTENDED -U user@serviceName -P PW1 -c 270
-db oraB -ld "oraB" -dt ORACLE -Dsrv qt_cache_size,45000,qt_debug,EXTENDED -U user@serviceName -P PW2 -c 270

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  • > On Feb 8, 2019, at 3:18 AM, Dominik Loewenstein wrote:


    > -db D:\...\...\dbora\db11\ora2-RO

    does that say ora2-RO or ora2 -RO ???

  • Amazing how much of a mess can be captured in a few lines. You could blame the fine editor used by this forum, but I doubt that it is responsible for all:

    0. what error are you getting?

    1. Why provide two schema holders and two databases? Is it working with one?

    2. what is the grand parent (...) of the parent (..) of the root of d: ?

    3. what is the grand parent (...) of the grand parent (...) of the root of d: ?

    4. your oraB has -P stuck on to the user parameter

  • ora2 -RO

    the pf works fine, the space gets missing while i edit it here

  • 0. i get no error when i try to connect the db, but when i want compile or check syntax, the names of my tables / fields are wrong

    1. i need both of them for my project, but even when i connect only one i have the same problem

    2,3. (...) was only for this example i could also call it d:\abc\def\dbora\db11\ora1

    4. i corrected the missing space

  • Just a stupid question perhaps:

    Have you only setup the db connection in windows --> preferences --> Progress OpenEdge --> Database connections ?

    Or have you also activated that database connection in the Project properties --> Progress  OpenEdge --> Database connections ?

    Funny fact is, if you don't use Progress Developer Studio to run the application, you don't even need to setup a dataserver and oracle connection. Just having the schema holder connected is fine.

    What you can try is open the scratchpad, select the project your code is in as runtime and run :

    message dbparam(1) dbparam(2) dbparam(3) dbparam(4)
    view-as alert-box.