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OpenEdge Connected Users vs Licensed Connections


OpenEdge Connected Users vs Licensed Connections

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Hi all,

I have an OpenEdge Database that I'm using to test with my application.

Just have a few questions regarding connection limits and connection lists.

First up, as an example, if I'm licensed for 60 connections to the database, will Progress hard lock the connection to that? As I see to be hitting a connection limit.

Secondly, when attempting to retrieve a list of connected users I'm using the two following commands:

  • promon <db name> -> 1. User Control -> 1. Display all Entries
  • proshut <dbname> -C list

The lists contain two different sets of information and are different lengths, the differences between the list I understand thanks to this KB:

However, my concern is, when comparing the list of connections to the DB against the licensed amount which list should I be comparing it to.

Should I be comparing 60 licenses against the promon list? Or the proshut list?

Kind Regards,


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  • 0) database licenses are for the number of /users/ (i.e. people) NOT the number of connections.

    1) the workgroup database has a hardwired limit of 65 connections. this is based on the assumption that each licensed user will have up to 2 connections and there will be up to 5 batch users.

    2) the enterprise database limit on the number of connections is about 32,000

  • Thanks for the response gus,

    Would you also happen to have insight on the second half of my issue. With the 65 hardwired limit, what list of connections should I be looking at?

    promon or proshut

  • you should be looking at the promon list. but 60 licenses for workgroup database is too many.

    the proshut list excludes connections that have been requested to disconnect but have not yet done so. they may be in the process of rolling back a long transaction. they may be doing this for several databases if they use multiple database connections.

  • So if I have a user limit of 20 on the APP server, RDMS Server and BP Server.

    Does progress keep them separate? Or do I have a total of 60 user limit?

  • App Server and BP licensing is different from database licensing. i do not know anything about those.

  • If I understand licencing correct, it is all down to counting client (user) licenses.

    20 ABL client with direct db (1 per user)

    40 ABL client connected to AppServer (1 per user and not same users as direct connected)

    40 Web users - connected to AppServer (1 per user and not same user as ABL)

    10 ODBC client conencted to db

    Will require:

    - 110 user DB license

    - 60 user ABL client license

    - 80 user AppServer license