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Happy Holidays to everyone!

Tim Kuehn create this log manager output report (written in ABL)5857.weblog.txt, however, i'm not sure how to read it.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Or does anyone have a way to parse out the broker server log file.

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Cols in order

    1 - the line # of the log file

    2 - the date/time stamp for the line

    3 - the amount of time between the current line and the previous line

    4 - Total elapsed time in program execution

    5 - "N" - I don't know

    6 - Action / Actor - who is doing something or what is being done

    7 - (I think) What it's returning from  Main block could be a procedure "IN" is returning from a PP call

    8 - the rest of the logfile line.

    My primary interest when I was using this was to find performance issues by checking the timediff values.