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HTTPS POST request using p7b certificate.


HTTPS POST request using p7b certificate.

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I'm trying to call a service that requires an SSL authentication. A pkcs7 format is expected by the web server.

Here is what i've done so far.

Step 1 :

  • I got a trusted client certificate (.p7b) and validated it against the web server. It went fine.

Step 2:

  • I converted the p7b certificate in order to register into the dlc/cert store. I tried PEM and DER. It went fine but i'm not sure what I should really generate regarding keyfiles. 

Step 3: 

  • I implemented the client side to do the POST request using OpenEdge.NET library. At execution I got error 9318. So it seems like the ssl checking went wrong.

My environment :

  • Openedge 11.7
  • No PASOE using in this case.

I'm a bit confuse about what is and what is not possible regarding OpenEdge environment and certificate format so I'm looking for a little help.

Thanks for your help. 

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