Doc says for TRIGGER PROCEDURE Statement :

    {    { OF table .field }     
    |    { NEW [ VALUE ] value1             
              { AS data-type | LIKE db-field }        

The pipe means we can either use

    OF table.field option that I know,

or (reader XOR)  this option:
    NEW [ VALUE ] value1       { AS data-type | LIKE db-field }      => that I do not understand?

With that last syntax, what is the target of the ASSIGN trigger?  Is it still Database field?  Could it target a non database schema element like a temp-table field or a variable/property ?

Doc also says:

"If the event is ASSIGN, the object must be a reference to a database field qualified by a table name."

I'm really perplex because if the point of this syntax is just to handle the new value of a DB Field in a clearer way (explicit variable), then why would we have to define the data-type with AS or LIKE since it should be the type of target DB Field ?

An example would be appreciated for this case.