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PAS configuration problems


PAS configuration problems

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I'm trying to configure a PAS. 

But I keep running into this error:

Invalid bean definition with name 'ablAuthzCallbackUserDetails' defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/spring/customAuthHeaderFilter.xml]: Could not resolve placeholder 'customAuthorization.UserDetails.roleAttrName' in string value "${customAuthorization.UserDetails.roleAttrName}"; nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not resolve placeholder 'customAuthorization.UserDetails.roleAttrName' in string value "${customAuthorization.UserDetails.roleAttrName}"

I can add the property customAuthorization.UserDetails.roleAttrName to, but then it'll show me the next property and the next and...

Does anybody know why this happens?

I'm just triying to add the most basic rest-service (anonymous auth) possible to do some tests.

Running 11.7.3

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  • Hi,

    Were you trying this on a brand new 11.7.3 instance or older instances ? If it was older instances, then I am guessing there might be mismatch between the authFilerer.xml files which are in <PASOE Instance>/webapps/<WEBApp>/WEB-INF/spring folder.



  • Thx for your reply.

    No, brand new installation (the trial version)

  • That should work fine until unless the installation is corrupted. May I know what you mean by trail version, what licenses did you install ?



  • I just followed this link:

    The cfg file shows a Progress Dev studio license

  • I'm going to install it on a new virtual machine. Perhaps there's something corrupt. Although I compared every file from the root-app(which works) with my test-app. I probably should do some reading on the subject as well. :-)