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Problem catching an error


Problem catching an error

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Trying to do a write-data-element 

vLog = hSAXWriter:WRITE-DATA-ELEMENT("OrderNo", TRIM(STRING(100 + FaktHode.Klientnr)) + TRIM(STRING(FaktHode.Ordrenr,"999999"))).



There is a lot of this writes, and I would like to find which of them that gives the error:

-- **The WRITE-DATA-ELEMENT attribute on the SAX-WRITER widget has invalid arguments. (4065)

I have tried to add a CATCH eError ......, but it does not hit that catch. I beleve there is something I do wrong trying to catch it, but what?

//Geir Otto

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  • Found this...


  • Well, there may be a knowledge base on it.  But that doesn't explain it.  This is a bug in my opinion.  A CATCH block for Progress.Lang.Error should catch the error.  Many handle methods do generate warnings (not errors), but when using structured error handling that should not happen.  Any error that generates an error message should get caught.  

    If you just want to know which line is causing the error, turn on debug-alert (-debugalert or SESSION:DEBUG-ALERT = yes).  When the error comes up, click on the Help button to see the stack trace.