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good evening

I have the following configuration:

CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core)

Progress 11.7.2 64bit,

installed with the following components

OpenEdge Repl Plus

OE Enterprise RDBMS

OE Application Svr Ent

Databases running well

But when I start the proadsv service and the name server, the server starts to lose packets (apparently by udp multicast), if it stops the proadsv service the server returns to normal.

If you leave the service active but block the outgoing multicast traffic iptables (chain OUTPUT from iptables) .... the system does not lose packets .....

Can you help me? I do not know what it can be anymore

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  • udp protocol do not provide reliable message delivery. So if the client and server are communicating over udp transport packet loss may happen. So, if you do not want to loss packets, configure the server to use tcp and also connect client using host and port of server over tcp.

  • UDP should work fine in a LAN.