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Need help for OE Administration 10.2B & 11.X


Need help for OE Administration 10.2B & 11.X

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Hello, I can contact you to have a little assistance.

For years we have been developing Progress software (from V8 to today).And for a few years we have always configured the OpenEdge Explorer in the same way and for all our customers (since the release of the V10). But some of our customers are beginning to have serious basics and worries, which I begin to attribute to a bad configuration (or non optimization) of the OE Explorer.

We are encountering more and more (on Windows 7/8/10) white screens that freeze or disconnections at the base. I have copied an example of basic conf with the conmgr for a client that has 50 users connected to the database (the base that makes 13GO).

conmgr.propertiesCONF OE EXPLO 10.2B.pdfThank you by before your feedback :)

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  • Here the new Promon.

    But i think it's not realy representative at this time (no more users connected)

  • At right time check also "Activity: Performance Indicators" screen:


    Are you using vanilla 10.2B or at least SP07?

  • Hello George

    Thank you for your answer. Here are the required screens


  • Promon screens indicate that there are no performance issues inside database. Did the end-users already complain about performance at 9 o'clock at morning?

    BTW, on R&D level in promon you can zero statistics (press "Z"), wait a bit and then update statistics (press "U"). This way you will get statistics for short interval almost on all Activity screens including "Activity: Summary" - you will not need to wait on each screen. "Activity: Summary" on R&D level can replace the similar screen you posted.

  • Hello George,

    Here si the new screen

  • This morning I have not had any feedback from users for concerns of slow or freez

  • Statistics looks good.