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-yx Startup Parameter (Procmon) negativ time


-yx Startup Parameter (Procmon) negativ time

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I get some negativ times out of procmon, anyone knows why ?

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  • Progress executables contain:

    Caller           Callee        Load Size   Calls      Rd Bytes    Reread      Time
    %-16s   %-16s %7d %7d %9d %9d %9d

    %d format means 2 byte signed integer. Large integer values will be displayed as the negative numbers.

  • i checked my proc.mon and found a time of 1867357ms, so this couldn't be with 2 byte signed int

    if it were 2 byte signed int i get negativ values after 32 seconds

    maybe the sign is part of reread (don't know why), rather than time.

    Where did you found that lines ?