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US PUG Challenge - Programmer's challenge


US PUG Challenge - Programmer's challenge

  • Last year's EMEA PUG Challenge included a "DBA Challenge" which was a great success. Except if you are a programmer in which case it was the usual DBA blah-blah-blah. Ahem. I mean not so interesting :)

    So with that in mind I'm happy to announce the real Challenge at the 2017 US PUG Challenge - a Programmer's Challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write ABL code that wins an Othello (or Reversi) tournament at the PUG Challenge in a couple of weeks.

    For more information and rules and gory details, check out

    If you want to register or questions, feel free to email or head over to the programmer_challenge channel on the new OE Slack team .

    Oh and it is open to DBA types too.

  • Imagine how embarrassing for the programmers if a "DBA type" is the winner....  they'd probably dream up an excuse to disqualify the winning team ;)

    Tom Bascom

  • the same game in Prague ?

  • Hopefully/ideally.
  • what size board will we be using?


  • Rules are at the link, as is the size of the board (8x8) .
  • Perhaps too early in learning curve of much people....

    The server and specs could remain online, forever, so people entering progress tools could use this as a learning lab?

    Hope so...

  • That’s a good suggestion – and we should look into it.
  • We’ve decided to throw the competition open to anyone who’d like to enter regardless of whether they’re attending the PUG  - though we’d love to have you be at the PUG and competing.
    The tournament will start on Tuesday after lunch, per the info at  .
  • A reminder to those who have already entered - and those who still want to enter - that the deadline for competition entries is after lunch tomorrow (Tuesday).

    All are welcome to participate - even if you're not at the PUG Challenge this week.

  • I'm happy to announce the winner of our first PUG Challenge Challenge was Ion Pasea (ionpasea) who beat Gilles Querret (FrogEaters) in the final.

    Congrats to Ion and thanks to our competitors.