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R-code compatability

  • Will r-code compiled on one OS run on a different OS?  Assuming the following:

    • Both OSes are 32 bit.
    • Progress will be same version on both OSes.
    • Application contains nothing intrinsically unique to any one OS (e.g. trying to run a GUI screen in a character environment).

    Doable or is recompile of source on target OS a must?

  • You are missing the most important piece of information ---> OpenEdge version.

  • You might need to provide more information.

    As of 11.0, r-code is portable across all platforms (even between 32-bit and 64-bit) with the same UI (you cannot run a program with UI compiled for GUI on a character client).

    In 10.2B, r-code is portable across all platforms of the same bitness, with the same UI constraint.

  • Thanks both - glorious cutting edge 9.1C.  Before you say anything, I know -  ancient version... must upgrade... etc.  etc.

    But for the the time being at least the question revolves around 9.1C.

  • 9.1C... I've long since swapped that out... I think there was an intent to have the r-code portable across platforms, but I don't know what caveats were there. There might be an ancient kbase regarding this.

  • Thanks Garry, I'll have a root around in KB and see if anything turns up.

  • Looks like I might be in luck - knowledgebase.progress.com/.../20922

  • That KB article states the theory. And as they say: In theory, theory and practice always align. In practice, they don't.

    Now Progress 9.1C is old enough to pretty much predate the knowledge base as we know it, but I do recall that in those releases we did have byte-swapping issues if you go from little-endian platform (everything based on x86 CPU) to big-endian platform (Power,Sparc,Itanium CPUs).