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PEG - Progress Email Group?


PEG - Progress Email Group?

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Is no more (as we are used to)? 

I haven't received any peg mails since the end of may. Does anybody know if it's down or what?



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  • I'm with Mike. One or two forums is good enough, especially if they are indexed by Google. Good exposure in stackoverflow would also be nice, since this is sometimes an argument to dismiss OpenEdge ("you can't find almost nothing about OpenEdge on StackOverflow"). It's getting better however.

  • I've used Peg since I become a progress developer. Shame to see it go. But have found that more has been getting posted/answered on here for the past while.

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  • Because the alternatives cited so far are all web based and some developers don't have access to them, only email.

    The archive could be re-created from people who've been logging emails on this site as well.

  • This site works fine by email only once you've signed up.

  • you can start a new thread via email? Near as I can tell you can only respond to posts from here.

  • Sure! Just email

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  • I agree about the sadness in the fact that the PEG is gone. I've been a paying member since 1999 and has of course been following it since then.

    I don't have any mails left from the time 1999 - 2005 but from May 2005 when I started to use a dedicated gmail account for the peg mails I have all the +30 000 mails still in the account (peg and dba that is). I'm sure many of you also has kept the mails.

    It will take some time to get used to NOT look through my peg mails.

    With all this said, I also think that the forums here and perhaps StackOverflow is enough right now. Better to gather all the knowledge in few places.

    Thanks Greg (you don't remember me but we have talked several times during conferences), I know it has been a struggle to keep the Peg up and running. But you have done hell of a job doing so!


  • Does this really still exist? Public email is no problem but http(s) is? Really? And a smartphone is no option either? Even if it did, just setting up something like this would defeat any obscure purpose one might try to invent for such oddity

  • Was the archive sold off too or did he do  rm -rf ./ right after the sale ?

  • I'm sure there's enough people out there with copies of the emails that an archive could be reconstructed.

  • My Gmail archive seems to go back to 10th of april 2008!

  • Has Greg, being the owner of the PEG emails, given permission for anyone to reconstruct the content? As this was a topic that has come up in the past.

  • I have shared my collection earlier, and I think I still have a lot of them. PEG, WebSpeed, DB, .Net or something.... just tell me what to do :-)

  • Not sure we need his approval.  Does he own the emails sent to the mailing list ?

  • Historically, PEG claimed copyright on the collection of emails, not on the individual items.  Since PEG is no more, however, I'm not sure who's around to object.
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