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Diacritics code page 1252


Diacritics code page 1252

  • Hi,

    OpenEdge 10.2B SP8


    I have a character client and a gui client both running with code page 1252.

    When I do ALT-137 in the gui client I see character "‰".

    But when I do the same in a character client I see character "ë".

    Character "‰" in the gui client is correct one.

    What must I do so that I also see the "‰" in the character client when I'm doing ALT-137?

    Kind regards,


  • Not sure but I suggest to look @your used font!

    I needed to change my font from MS Sans serif to Microsft Sans serif to get other characters correct in 1252

  • Based on:





    chcp 1252


    You will lose all line drawing characters - since these are not in 1252.

    Beware of side effects!

  • It is still not working. What I understood from the articles you send me is that ISO and 1252 should not be used by character clients, they are GUI code pages. But now I wonder what if my client character session is ibm850, my GUI client is 1252 and my database is also 1252. Is this going to work?

  • I am using 11.6x64 (on Windows 10):

    Same results with 10.2B08x64 (on Windows 10)