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  • I am trying to install open Edge 10.2a on windows server 2008 R2(64-bit) however i am facing some issue while running hot_fix as openEdge 10.2a is not installed and even Open Edge 10.2a registry not found please let me know  if I use Open Edge Explorer instead of Progress Explorer will these work...? and will it help me so that registry will be created


  • Please let me know if anyone knows how to install open Edge 10.2a on windows server 2008R2 or windows server 2012 R2  Huh?


    Any specific questions?

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  • You would get better responses (or a response at all) if you provided details as to what problem you are running into doing these installs.
    Lacking that basic information, I would have to say that (1) yes I am sure someone knows how to install it on Windows 2008 R2 and (2) it is not certified for use on 2012 R2.

  • Hi I am trying to install open Edge 10.2A on windows server 2008 R2 however I am unable to install because Progress Explorer is not installed properly and registry is not created so it shows error as open Edge 10.2a registry not found

    please let me know if any one have solution to install open edge 10.2a on windows server 2008 r2

  • Well, first off 10.2A is a retired product.  It was retired as of February of 2010 (that’s six years now).
    <Note N>
    Progress Explorer fails to start on the Windows Server 2008 and Windows 2008 R2  platform– If you want to run Progress Explorer you need to run it on a different operation system like XP, Vista or 2003.  SEE PRIMUS ENTRY: P129948  
    In 10.2B OpenEdge Explorer is now bundled into OpenEdge, which is supported on OpenEdge operating systems except for SCO UnixWare. However, with 10.2A, OpenEdge Explorer can be downloaded from the Progress® Deployment Components web site for customers who have licenses for products that entitle them to Progress Explorer.  
    <End of Note N>
    Why are you trying to use an old, retired product?  Do you realize that this product came out almost 8 years ago?  Do you realize that if you try to use this product to talk HTTPS to any remotely modern service you will most likely fail due to the new (and required) security standards?

  • I have open Edge  10.2A will you please help me to know  what OS is needed if I want to install Open Edge 10.2A...?

    will it work for windows server 2003

  • Look at the link I sent you in the previous response.  The Product Availability Guide provides all of the information you are looking for.

  • nearly the same  post as Please don't duplicate posts, add extra info to the original one

  • Seriously?
    Guy, you keep coming back to this even after I have responded with the note from the Product Availability Guide which states that Progress Explorer Tool will not install on Windows 2008.  I do not understand why you keep asking the same question.  The answer is the answer.  It will be the answer no matter how many times you ask the question.

  • Hi all, a quick note to let people reading this thread know that as we had 4 threads for the very same question, I just merged all of them into this one...

  • This is really painful. I could understand that if you realize you don't get any relies because you posted to the wrong forum you start cross-posting.

    But this guy started new threads in other forums after he got all the replies he could get. He won't get more comfortable answers in other forums either.

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