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Installation of OpenEdge 11.6 crash with Java error


Installation of OpenEdge 11.6 crash with Java error

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uname:SunOS 5.10 Generic_150400-22 sun4v

OpenEdge 11.6 Solaris Sparc 64bi 

Installation fails with the error:

the log file hs_err_pid19935,log attached

Earlier at the installing 11.5 this error has not been.

Somebody faced such errors.
How can I fix it?


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  • We are looking in to this issue.

                -- Kousik (Installer team)

  • This is certainly something we haven’t seen internally. Would you please open a support case so we can investigate further?
  • Hello –
    I’m sorry you are having a problem installing OpenEdge 11.6. We are looking into this with the highest priority.
    Kris Murphy
  • We have created a similar configuration machine as you have mentioned i.e SunOS 5.10 Generic_150400-22 sun4v Solaris Sparc 64bit and tried installing 11.6 all the products open edge supports but issue does not seems to be reproducible.

    Can you please confirm the below:

    1. Can you try in a different machine?

    2. Are you using root user?

    3. Which all the products selected for installation?

    4. Can you retry installing in a different install location after cleaning up the older corrupted installation from your machine.

    We have investigated on the attached log but it does not much information what could have caused this issue.



  • Hi Valeriy,

    If you are still experiencing the problem with installation process,  Would you please open a support case so that we can investigate further?



  • Hello,

    Unfortunately my ProgressID have any problems and I do not get a notification from the Community, so I could not answer you right away.

    I opene the case - 00329206



  • In closing, this problem is related to the Java version shipped with 11.4, 11.5 and 11.6 (1.7.0_45) described on

    For further information refer to Article: