I understand that's well and good in a tiny market like Belgium, but with over 5000 universities in the US, the kind of program you're talking about is far more difficult to arrange. They are not doing this proactively, and at least judging by what Don Fournier had explained to most of the Progress PUG Presidents, the numbers of who is in the program is relatively low compared to the opportunity. In addition, any involvement from any AP/ISV/IS partners is not part of these type of programs. There is nothing at all like the Belgium program at all here.

The point about the fee is the market here is totally different. With over 5000 players, if you want your product in the University, you have to pay the university, not the other way around. Some of these places are so big they hold all the cards and have people fighting over them to get their products placed in the university. Compare "I'll pay you to use my product" to "For an extraordinarily low $650". That is the exact marketing phrase PSC chose to put on the program. That may be low in comparison to what PSC wants to charge an end user, but otherwise this is a complete lack of understanding of the University market.