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table row count

  • So jsut a warning, I am very new to progress. Anyways, if the data has no index and you wish to count/filter on a column: Instead of addin g an index to teh tables and risking problems, can't you just make a TempTable with the index's you want and load the data into teh temp table. That way you can index as needed to spead of your report without having to mess with the original data layout.

  • I could do that but how do I select a subset of data into a temp table without the intial index? I have no idea how long an entire table select into temp would take but that sounds like a very long work around compared to adding an index.

  • I am assuming I only need to do indexes and not columns (update stats)? Do I need to do both?

  • For the problem you have described, this is not any help. Your issue is just getting the data from the table in the first place. Temp-tables are very helpful when reporting when one has situations such as "select all open invoices for customer X", but then the report is supposed to be sorted by dollar value or something.

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  • Is there a rule of thumb on how long it takes to update stats. I have done it on MS SQL and I hated it because it took a long time. I am thinking I need to do this one table at a time but what would happen if I only got through half of the DB in a night?

  • There are too many variables and unknowns to make a guess. I would consider creating a script to feed into sqlexp and run some tests.

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  • At the risk of sounding like a sales pitch... the vendor's DBA isn't always the best source for advice. Particularly not if that was also the source of the misinformation about indexes and CRCs. There's a lot to be said for an independent 3rd party point of view.

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  • I agree. I am giving them a shot first but I am planning for a 3rd party also